Bass Coast is a festival that takes place in British Columbia, Canada. With the 8th edition hosting a ‘golden’ party theme, Jungle JamanJi presents “Nugsz of Gold.”

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As always, here at Jungle JamanJi, we are all about the music and in this feature we set out to share three artists that were foreign to our own ear. All the artists in this trilogy were introduced to us through the Bass Coast’s 2016 line up and selected at random. The festival begins July 8th 2016.

Our first nugget became Canadian based Esette. Being Canadian and female we find this very suiting to the Bass Coast reputation and vibe. With this ‘Nugsz of Gold’ feature we hope to highlight the diversity of Bass Coast’s artist selection.

Esette has been heavily involved with the Calgary Bass music scene since 1997. Her work has received international recognition of not only her self, but the Bass scene of Calgary too. We spent the afternoon sampling 6 years of her Soundcloud exposing us to a flow of house rhythms and grooves. From funkier inspirations like the track above called ‘You’re The One’ to classic remakes, free downloads, tech and deep heavy house grooves. A clear variety of ‘Four to the Floor’ sound was obvious, as well as some ambient soulful pieces like ‘My Own Child’.

‘Esette – My Own Child’ is simply a beautiful peace of music which she describes as indie.

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We instantly fell in love with a Free EP called Baby Blue Eyes. The EP offers three different mixes of the track by Matt Caine called ‘Baby Blue Eyes’. All three remixes, including Esette’s, are downloadable from her Soundcloud.

The line up this year at Bass Coast hosts a huge variety of sound from local to international acts. The line up reads like an exciting, eclectic, ensemble of EDM tempos and styles. It’s clear the music selection for this festival comes from the heart and driven by the continual support of the Bass Coast family. The festival stands firm on their “no sponsors or corporate presence” offering an intimately selected line up and venue where peoples exposure to music is heightened and pure. As always we say hats off to this kind of behaviour.

Esette, like Bass Coast, share an innovative relationship with their musical passions, and after listening to her Soundcloud and reading up about her work we can hear why Esette is to be featured at the festival once again.

The variety in this festival line up is a recipe for a musically diverse journey and exploration in the heart of Merritt, BC and we hope to explore this diversity a little more through the blog feature in the final days leading up to the festival. Esette would certainly be on our list of artists to check out. Bass Coast has launched a new application for this year’s party and you can download it free of charge. The ‘Bass Coast Mobile App‘ is designed to keep the BC fam’ informed of various information including set times, festival news, maps and even a feature to build your own personal schedule for the festival. A loving touch which also most importantly allows you to discover artists the same way we discovered Esette. For this we say thank you Bass Coast. We also used it to find out that Esette shall be performing on Saturday at the Slay Bay stage. Her set time is 12:30- 1:30am and tipped not to be missed.