As winter draws close to an end, a publishing from Commix emerges. 10 unreleased EPs dropped on his Bandcamp at the start of the week. Commix are one of our most influential producers, consistently bringing a level of unique style and quality to Drum & Bass for as long as we can remember. Since 2016 George Levings has returned as ‘Commix’, after Guy Brewer departed the alias. George continues the legacy ‘with a renewed sense of purpose.’


We were so excited by the ‘Dusted EP’, which was released in 2012, and we continue to rinse tunes from that release today. The EP contained tracks that never made full releases on Metalheadz… Now, nearly 4 years later, there’s more!

10 EPs dropped on the 12th of March 2018 and the “Time Has Come” for these songs to have a run at a release. Between them they cover the “full spectrum sound” of Commix’s craft. From the out right lurky and rambunctious Bass lines, to the nifty and melodic rollers that have so often captivated listeners’ ears; and stand so tall as “Commix”.

One of the 10 EPs, the ‘Only EP’, hosts an instrumental of the popular ‘How You Gonna Feel’ from their ‘Call To Mind’ album. These recent releases also contain other early easter eggs, such as ‘Cold Kiss Ft. Logistics’, and a retitled ‘One’, which was previously, and more commonly known as ‘Tonight’.

The recently released EPs offer much of Commix’s true sound and there’s plenty to consume. After living with the releases for a day we’ve selected three of our favourites to share and feature below.


We really enjoyed ‘On Sunset’ from the ‘Identity EP’, which holds the test of time, and is top notch start to finish. It holds a strong melodic core and a big room Bass line with an overall euphoric vibe.

From the ‘Reminisce EP’ another favourite was found. ‘Lines’, which has a scatty, rolling, mysterious, and lurky body to it. It represents the darker side to Commix’s sound. Here at Jungle JamanJi we have a two thumbs up policy for such low frequency focus and love the nostalgic sound of ‘Commix – Lines’. It reminds us of old school raves, with songs such as ‘Talk To Frank’ booming through your body.

‘Echoes’ from ‘Acid Lake EP’ steals the show for us. A classic Jungle/Liquid, hybrid roller that ticks all the boxes when searching for new music. We streamed it so many times that we were caught off guard when we were not aloud to play it back any more. The track made us pull out our wallet quicker than expected, remaining exclusive to Bandcamp. This is to be our first of many purchases from their Bandcamp, which contains plenty to pick from.

Show your love and support and get involved. We look forward to hearing more from Commix in the future, for now enjoy these fresh uploads here.